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Florida’s HB837 and its Impact on Personal Injury Law

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida recently signed a bill into law aimed at improving the state’s legal system. The new law, known as HB837, introduces a number of legal reforms that resolve to simplify and streamline the civil justice system within the sunshine state. For those involved in injury law, including plaintiff counsel and defense, these reforms are expected to have a significant impact, as they aim to improve timely and fair resolutions. While implications are far-reaching, they are varied based on which side is being represented.

One of the key aspects of HB837 is attempting to prioritize efficiency and fairness in the legal system. To this end, it establishes stricter deadlines for court proceedings and mandates that cases be resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. This is particularly important in personal injury cases, where timely resolutions are important to provide compensation for costs of care. Otherwise, bills are left unpaid and individuals are left to suffer without the care they need. This further means that time is of the essence for both the plaintiff and defense sides.

HB837 also hopes to address judicial bias and accountability. Under the new law, judges are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from cases in which they have a personal or financial stake. This ensures that personal injury cases are heard by impartial judges who are not biased in favor of one party or the other. Additionally, the new system of performance evaluations for judges provides a more objective measure of their effectiveness.

These reforms additionally solicit greater protection for businesses and individuals against frivolous lawsuits and abusive litigation tactics. This is especially important in personal injury cases, where clients may attempt to extract unwarranted compensation from defendants. By providing greater protection against these tactics, the legal reforms will help to ensure that personal injury cases are decided on their merits, rather than being subject to manipulation by unscrupulous litigants. This also requires plaintiff attorneys to ensure that evidence is retrieved quickly and that the foundation of the case is backed with the appropriate records and impeccable experts.

The experts at LCPMD are prepared for the changes created by HB837. Our team of board-certified Physician Life Care Planners, PhD Economists, and Vocational Experts has the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive planning for the medical and rehabilitation needs of individuals who have been injured. Our professionals educate juries while providing valuable insights into personal injury cases.

If you are part of a personal injury firm seeking to expand your expert services, contact LCPMD today. Our team is ready to provide the expert guidance and support you need to proceed in your next case with confidence. Call us at 833-MY-LCPMD or email us at to learn more.

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