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Combined Expertise for Traumatic Brain Injury

At LCPMD, our team of experts provide independent assessments for those suffering from traumatic brain injuries. By completing thorough evaluations, we gain valuable insight into personal injuries and formulate plans to support ongoing care needs.

Expert Insights

Physician Life Care Planners

Develop customized life care plans for individuals who have suffered complex and non-complex injuries and/or illnesses. Our experts conduct thorough records reviews, work with healthcare providers as available, and consult current research to formulate our reports. These plans address not only future medical care and associated costs, but may also include items such as therapies, durable medical equipment, personal care, and household modifications as appropriate. Our expert board-certified Physician Life Care Planners develop individualized plans, which are credible, defensible, and specific to your clients’ needs.


Test, diagnose, and opine on the severity of both neurological and psychological conditions. In doing so, they identify areas of cognitive weakness, develop targeted interventions, and dictate a plan of action. In addition to being a stand-alone service, neuropsychological assessments can also be a valuable tool in the preparation of life care plans and vocational assessments. By providing a comprehensive report and recommendations, such as neurocognitive rehabilitation and counseling, neuropsychologists help determine future medical expenses and strengthen the overall foundation of both life care plans and vocational assessments.

Vocational Experts

Assess individuals regarding their pre-injury and post-injury work skills and interests to determine whether there are viable employment options to pursue. They analyze the current job market and determine whether their clients have the ability to perform in available positions. By comparing past earnings to what (if any) employment potential presently exists, vocational experts are able to determine loss of earnings for the future.

PhD Economists

Provide expert analysis and testimony regarding economic damages incurred due to injury or illness. This may include calculating the present value of future medical expenses, household services, and lost earnings, as well as the impact of economic factors on these damages. When individuals are facing years of monetary impact due to injuries, our expert economists are essential in calculating what the true financial burden will be over time.

How We Help

Educate The Jury:

It is essential that jury members understand the information presented to them. LCPMD experts are positioned to engage in straightforward discussions about life-changing injuries, essentially translating the complicated jargon into layman's terms. Our experts educate jurors about the real impact of injuries and what this means for future planning, providing comprehensive yet easy-to-understand analyses of essential future needs.

Minimize Headaches:

As an experienced lawyer, you know how difficult it can be to obtain reliable, trustworthy reports and testimony. Spend less time organizing and following up with your experts and the progress of their reports and more time focusing on your client. Our dedicated case managers are committed to making your life easier throughout the entire process, from pretrial filings to the conclusion of the case.

Reduce Unpredictability:

You work hard to grow your firm and establish your name in the legal community. Verdicts are never guaranteed, and confidence in your experts is essential when cases go to trial. LCPMD’s team of trusted experts share their expertise in credible and defensible reports. This means fewer surprises for you and ongoing support for your positive reputation.


Subject Matter Experts for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Our team of subject matter experts works in tandem to evaluate the extent to which your client's Traumatic Brain Injury has affected their overall health, cognitive function, ADLs, relationships, and vocational abilities. By analyzing present and future requirements, we provide tailored recommendations to optimize outcomes for your personal injury cases.

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Life Care Plans

Are comprehensive and individualized reports of needs and future requirements, both medical and non-medical following a life-changing injury. Your clients are unique and require more than patterned, off-the-shelf planning and calculations. Our experts combine a wealth of experience and knowledge along with your client’s background, diagnoses, and current needs to assess future projected care and associated costs. 

Neuropsychology Assessments

Are comprehensive evaluations that assess an individual's abilities and skills as they relate to brain function. These assessments measure cognitive function, as well as the impact any found deficits have on ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and vocational capabilities. They also offer insight into how psychosomatic issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety can alter daily functioning. Neuropsychological assessments may be completed for individuals who have suffered from a range of conditions, from concussions to more severe traumatic brain injuries. These assessments, along with the expertise of our neuropsychologists, provide vital information about an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as any potential areas of impairment, allowing for focused treatment plans and interventions all within a strong, expert report.

Loss of Earnings Capacity Assessments

Are performed by a Vocational Expert and quantify the difference in earning capacity pre-injury versus post-injury. This is done when an injured party is unable to perform the same amount of work as a result of the injury. Typically utilized in conjunction with Present Value Assessment of Loss of Earnings.

Present Value Assessments of Loss of Earnings

Give an estimation of the value of lost earnings, lost earning capacity, mitigation earnings, and retirement benefits. This assessment is performed by a PhD Economist, and is typically done when the injured party is unable to work post-injury.

Present Value Assessments of Life Care Plans

Are performed by PhD Economists and project future costs associated with injuries, including medical bills, long-term care, and in-home care for individuals who have reduced or lost the ability to care for themselves.

Meet Our Team

We recognize your case needs to be in the right hands and trust in your experts is essential. Our national team of board-certified physician life care planners, PhD neuropsychologists, vocational experts, and PhD economists utilize their years of expertise to develop plans and reports that are credible and defensible. Join the hundreds of attorneys who have already partnered with the strong medical foundation economic damages experts at LCPMD.

 “Please let everyone on your end know that we were able to reach a policy limit settlement on this matter thanks in large part to the excellent work and reports that the physician life care planner, vocational, and economist experts from your company did. This is the first time I've used your company and I'm quite pleased. I look forward to working with you in the future."

 -A.B., Plaintiff's Attorney

 “The team and the experts were very responsive, professional and helpful during the process of litigation up to the trial period. Would highly recommend LCPMD as they are exceptional."

 -G.G., Defense Attorney

 “Thank you for all your help with this rather complex case, with sometimes complicated legal challenges. After your deposition testimony, we were able to settle the case later that same day, and avoid the need for trial scheduled for the following week."

 -J.W., Plaintiff's Attorney

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our team today to start accessing industry-leading expertise from physician life care planners, vocational experts, PhD neuropsychologists, and PhD economists.

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