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Unmatched Physician Life Care Planning

LCPMD’s board-certified physician life care planners provide the necessary expertise for personal injury plaintiffs and defense attorneys working toward fair outcomes for their clients.

Board-Certified Physician Life Care Planners, In Your Corner

Life Care Plan

Comprehensive and individualized reports of needs and future requirements, both medical and non-medical following a life-changing injury. Your clients are unique and require more than patterned, off-the-shelf planning and calculations. Our experts combine a wealth of experience and knowledge along with your client’s background, diagnoses, and current needs to assess future projected care and associated costs.

Life Care Plan Reviews & Rebuttals

Deliver the strongest outcome possible for your clients with an extensive analysis of existing life care plans and carefully constructed rebuttal reports. Our experts are able to use their strong medical foundations to appraise plaintiff reports and provide marked boundaries on future medical expenses and care. In doing so, defense firms can more adequately assess the case and move forward with prudence in an effort to reach an equitable outcome.

How We Help

Educate The Jury:

It is essential that jury members understand the information presented to them. LCPMD expert physicians are positioned to engage in straightforward discussions about life-changing injuries, essentially translating the medical jargon into layman's terms. Our physicians educate jurors about the real impact of injuries and what this means for future planning, providing comprehensive yet easy to understand analyses of essential future needs.

Minimize Headaches:

As an experienced lawyer you know how difficult it can be to obtain reliable, trustworthy reports and testimony. Spend less time organizing and following up with your experts and the progress of their reports and more time focusing on your client. Our dedicated case managers are committed to making your life easier throughout the entire process, from pretrial filings to conclusion of the case.

Reduce Unpredictability:

You work hard to grow your firm and establish your name in the legal community. Verdicts are never guaranteed, and confidence in your experts is essential when cases go to trial. LCPMD’s team of trusted physician life care planners share their expertise in credible and defensible life care plans. This means fewer surprises for you and ongoing support for your positive reputation.


Life Care Planning Expertise

No two life care plans should be the same. Factors, such as diagnoses and extent of injury, as well as impact on quality of life, will influence the complexity of the plan and future care recommendations. 


Non-Complex Life Care Plan:

For those living with chronic illness or physical impairment, who retain the ability to perform ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), but may do so with difficulty and loss of quality of life.

Conditions May Include: Neck and Back Injury, Upper and Lower Extremity Injury, Fractures, Mild to Moderate Burns, PTSD, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and Chronic Pain.

Complex Life Care Plan:

For those living with permanent chronic illness or physical impairment, who have lost the ability to perform ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), often requiring reliance on another individual for some or all daily care.


Conditions May Include: Amputation, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Major Burns, Visual and Hearing Impairment, Birth Injury (i.e. Cerebral Palsy, Erb's Palsy), Significant Brachial Plexus Injury, Internal Injury, and Polytrauma.

Meet Our Team

We recognize your case needs to be in the right hands, and trust in your experts is essential. Our national team of board-certified physician life care planners, vocational experts, and PhD economists utilize their years of expertise to develop plans and reports that are credible and defensible. Join the hundreds of attorneys who have already partnered with the strong medical foundation economic damages experts at LCPMD.

 “Please let everyone on your end know that we were able to reach a policy limit settlement on this matter thanks in large part to the excellent work and reports that the physician life care planner, vocational, and economist experts from your company did. This is the first time I've used your company and I'm quite pleased. I look forward to working with you in the future."

 -A.B., Plaintiff's Attorney

 “The team and the experts were very responsive, professional and helpful during the process of litigation up to the trial period. Would highly recommend LCPMD as they are exceptional."

 -G.G., Defense Attorney

 “Thank you for all your help with this rather complex case, with sometimes complicated legal challenges. After your deposition testimony, we were able to settle the case later that same day, and avoid the need for trial scheduled for the following week."

 -J.W., Plaintiff's Attorney

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our team today to start accessing industry-leading expertise from physician life care planners, vocational experts, and PhD economists.

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