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Robert Wegman, MRC, CRC, CEAS

Vocational Expert

Robert Wegman is a graduate of Bowling Green State University Rehabilitation Counseling Program.  With over 20 years as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a background in the medical field, Robert has extensive experience in the provision of vocational rehabilitation counseling services in both the public and private sectors within multiple states.  Robert’s experience includes managing a public-private partnership that focused on the provision of vocational rehabilitation services for youth with disabilities transitioning from high school to the world of work and serving clients through the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program.  

Robert has provided Worker’s Compensation case management services for individuals with a wide array of disabling conditions and has worked with some of the largest long-term disability carriers in the country to identify transferable skills and determine suitability towards return to work.

Robert is certified as an Ergonomics Assessment Specialist and has conducted numerous on site ergonomic evaluations and job requirement analyses.  With a sound understanding on the impact of disability and earnings capacity, Robert is proficient at conducting vocational assessment, vocational counseling & guidance, transferable skills analysis, labor market analysis with wage loss assessment, and in the provision of court testimony.  

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